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 We are a group of hopeful workaholics with an eye for talent and one main focus, Advancement of Education. Our team offers tailored solutions and services to make Education more adaptive and impactful.


We guide students in their higher education choices, whether you need assistance with applying to the school or university of your dream's or translate the paperwork for your visa to study abroad. We offer assistance for every type of student. We assist HR departments in hiring the best educators and offer solutions to help academic institutions in their technological transition.


Through our offices in Colombo, Kurunegala, Kandy, Pannala and Gampaha, we have been catering for clients across the country since 2017. Our collaborators include over 100 Universities worldwide, top notch talent consultants, as well as significant players in the “Education” industry.

Study In Sweden

Sweden Visa

If you have passed your A/L, you can apply for a Bachelors Degree. if you have 04 year Hons Degree, You can apply for Masters. If you are not sure about your qualifications or English requirement send us a CV with the ( Country Sweden mentioned in the subject ) or call 0777 329 531

Study In Finland

Finland Visa

If you have passed your A/L you can apply for a Bachelors Degree regardless of your age. if you have a degree General, Hons or Top Up.

You can try to apply for a Master Degree with us to Finland

For Qualifications and english requirements send us a latest CV with the ( Country Finland mentioned in the subject ) or Call 0777 329 531

Study In Japan

Japan Visa

N5 / N4 Passed Students

Can Contact Japanese Counsellor Direct From here

Study in Croatia

Croatia Visa

If you have completed your IELTS or a similer qualification along with your educational qualifications read more and contact us.

Study in Hungaria

Hungaria Visa

No IELTS, No Age Restrictions, Affordable Payments

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