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We will make sure you are getting the best education in the world. Our team will ensure extra guarantee from the collages and universities to secure your enrolment.

As a recruitment agency we act as the bridge between employers and employees by handling the tasks of identifying top talents and presenting the top candidates to the clients.

Do you have a successful business in Sri Lanka? And willing to expand your business internationally? We are here to guide you to start a business in a foreign nation 

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If you are planning to

study or work in Japan

This is the best course

for you. Our course will

prepare you for JLPT /

NAT or PJC exam tests.

Depending on your level

of requirements our

courses are completely

aiming to get higher



Our English courses can

help you to obtain your

goals buy providing

Learning opportunities

in Reading, Writing,

Listening and Speaking.

Brush up on your existing

skills with correct

guidance and practices.

Get ready for


rs : 25000/-

Japanese Language


Orginal Book

rs : 2950/-

English Language

Grammer + Idioms +

Verbs Books + Speaking

Sound Chart Bundle

with Bonus Tips.

rs : 3950/-

Crossing The Big Water

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